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The Board of Legacy

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Black and Brown Ladies of Color Education program

The Board of Legacy is now accepting funding for our Black and Brown Ladies of Color Education program! We have partnered up with Legacy Healthcare Careers in Richland Texas, and the online program with The National Notary Association to help our ladies of color achieve a brand new independent mindset of becoming an independent woman today!  Donate today and send one of our low-income ladies of color to school!


About Us

The Board Of Legacy educates, teaches, consults and helps minority and underprivileged, youth and their families, veterans, homeless, single-parent families get the support and economic development resources they need.


Our purpose is driven by the utilization of hands-on education and implementation of leadership development, life skills, mentorship programs, financial support, spiritual encouragement and creative events, free financial literacy courses, and various other networking opportunities and resources. We foster environments of entrepreneurship, business ownership as a means to create and leave a legacy to each generation.

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