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The board

The Board Of Legacy educates, teaches, consults and helps minority and underprivileged or struggling businesses, entrepreneurs, youth and their families, veterans, homeless, single-parent families get the support and economic development resources they need. Our purpose is driven by the utilization of hands-on education and implementation of leadership development, life skills, mentorship programs, financial support, spiritual encouragement and creative events, free financial literacy courses, and various other networking opportunities and resources. We foster environments of entrepreneurship, business ownership as a means to create and leave a legacy to each generation.


200+ veterans, homeless, youth, and underprivileged families will be serviced annually through our Missouri,  Grand Bahamas, and Dallas Texas Programs. TBOL will be able to service further at-risk students and these families with your support. We prefer to create sustainable, empowerment and continued learning environments than for any of our underprivileged families and youth. Our organization has therapeutic programs, development, self-awareness programs, and community engagement to prevent school-aged youth from falling prey to distressing circumstances through mentorship, economic education, internships and alliances of community partnerships with our partnered organization VIP HUGS.

The legacy

Due to your charitable contributions- We will be able to continue our services and prevent a higher percentage of underprivileged families, veterans, homeless and students from entering and or re-entering harsh circumstances they may be plagued with.
The Board Of Legacy has been doing economic community engagement through feeding the homeless, housing the veterans, educating the youth, and partnering with communities for over 20+ years.

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