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 Black and Brown Ladies of Color Education program

Racism’s legacy is complex, brutally ugly, deeply personal, and yet to be truly reckoned with, especially in the workplace. Not even 60 years from the end of legal racial segregation, there’s no question that the harmful effects of that history lives on in our world today and in each of us. It is clear that the suite of diversity and inclusion tools and practices that went mainstream in the ‘90s are grossly insufficient for racial equity work.

 One way to increase diversity is through exposure and education. The video of George Floyd’s murder exposed people to the ugly reality of racism in a visceral, protracted, and undeniable way.

If you are a minority lady from the ages of 16-25 years of age tell the Board of Legacy why you want this scholarship to either become a Certified Nurse Assistant or  Notary Loan Signing Agent. With both the programs available you will also find help with job placement and strong teams and partners for you to succeed. We at the Board of Legacy believe in building a strong mind in Education for our young Black and Brown Ladies of Color. We are here to help make a way for a brighter future. Sign up today!


To Our Scholarship Winner, Sabrina Mann!

Thanks to donors like you, we were able to help Sabrina get that much closer to her goals. Here are some inspiring words from our thankful winner:

"Hello! Nice to meet and I thank you so very much and is very honored!!! Well a little about I am 30 years old and I’m on a journey to hopefully one day own my own business giving caregivers a break/mini vacation from the love ones they take care of. This dream I have is basically honoring and rewarding the people that take care of others whether it’s a disability, disorder or anything I am here to takeover care for a certain number of days so I can prevent the caregiver from having caregiver burnout, but most importantly reward them for doing a phenomenal job. The caregiver wouldn’t know that we would be preparing gifts for them. I actually have a detailed business plan with ages and groups I would take on. So I’m climbing the ladder slowly but surely I started off as a CNA then I got phlebotomy CPT and worked hard for my surgical tech CST and shortly after I gained COTA occupational therapy assistant and now I’m currently in the MA program. All these titles I worked very hard for but I’m very close to my goal and I am so very thankful that you guys are helping me financially, I didn’t really have the money but I prayed and put my foot forward to even better myself. I feel you can never have to much education so thank you. I will also send my W4 as soon as I get it and I will sign the Media consent form as well."

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